Doing what you think you can’t.

Half a glass full of a clear sparkling liquid. It could be G&T or it could just be lemonade...

Hello 🙂 It’s been a while (again) since I wrote anything here. But I’ve a few things that I need to write and this just happened to be the most apt one needing writing. It’s about not being in your own way!! Even if you have to sneak around yourself to get there!! So, this is just a nudge to say if you think you can’t… You’re right. Until you’re not and you catch yourself doing the thing you thought you can’t. 😉 I’ve been struggling to keep on top of all but the basics. I can’t remember the last Continue Reading →

The Ghost’s Footsteps

Picture showing upload success for the 2021 NYC Midnight Microfiction 250 challenge

(Content Warning – Suicide alluded to). Night after night, I hear hollow footsteps outside my bedroom, always the same time. Creak. Two more steps, then the doorknob will rattle and try to turn. If I had breath, I’d hold it. Creak. Creak. Rattle. “Let me in please? I know you’re there.” The soft voice makes my heart ache. I close my eyes and wish I could stop the sounds reaching my ears as she rests against the door, weeping softly. I thought staying would help if she knew I was still nearby. But this had trapped instead of freeing us. Continue Reading →

Perspective – what’s yours?

It’s New Years eve right where I’m sat at the moment.  Well – more specifically it’s New Years Eve Afternoon.  I’ve a bunch of tasks I’d like to do, but on the whole, what’s more important when I have those pesky little tasks to do other than write another blog post? It’s been over 6 months since I wrote anything on here.  I think I need to decide to actually use it – rather than just writing a random (but hopefully thought provoking) post every new years eve… The main point of writing though, is all a matter of perspective. Continue Reading →

What if…

… all these intrusive thoughts, dark thoughts are there to scare me away from feeling? OH suggested I think about the process – why things happen.  Why ones brain fixates on something terrible that one happens to have accidentally read and then can’t un-read or be unaware of. You’ve just got an overactive imagination. I’ve been told that a lot.  Right from being a child.  These feelings of anxiousness however new they may feel (2 years ish….), are definitely not new. The realisation that I have quite successfully disconnected from my Self… and then the thought then follows of I Continue Reading →

What happens next?

This post – be warned, embarks on a topic that is usually not best discussed in general polite conversation.  Rules of the dinner table, no politics, no religion – that kind of thing. However, Something came to mind today and I’ve got that nudge to write it out.  Religion.  That little conundrum again. I’m kinda dreading the question of “religion” when it comes up from my eldest little one.  I’ll tackle the big nuts and bolts of it another day, but this specifically relates to “what happens when we die…” I happened upon a post by a page I like.  Continue Reading →

Saying Goodbye

I’m not really sure this title is right for this writing yet. But at the moment it feels that’s as close as I’ll get. Once upon a time, there were three sisters who lived in a big stone house, in a medium sized town. The house rang with laughter. Arguments. Battles and alliances. Feet running down the wooden floored hallway, racing the dog to the post. Santa traps and the like. Doors slamming. Sulks and strops. Music, music, music. So many happy times. Sad ones too. It was home. Where we were physically all together. Dad rebuilt that house nearly. Continue Reading →

A Roar and a Dance

It is REALLY cold in our little corner of the world this evening. So I thought it might be a good idea to go check on the rabbit. It’s about half 9, and there’s been a bit of a battle to get the littlest little one to bed. Going out into the freezing night is not what I want to do – especially with a cold (poor me…!) But Rabbit needs checking! Warm coat on and zipped up. Grab a carrot and the end from the broccoli, box of rabbit food, water, hay and outside I go. The cold air Continue Reading →

Yoga and Chocolate.

Sounds an awesome idea doesn’t it? A little while ago now, I went on a Yoga workshop run by Susananda Yoga. It’s the second workshop that I’ve been on and I was really looking forward to 3 hours of yoga on a Saturday morning. Bliss… Greeted with a cheery “Good Morning” from Sue, and a “Take a chocolate please! But don’t eat it yet!” I found an unusual unwillingness to actually take a chocolate. Maybe because this is yoga, and such bliss should not be tainted with such lowly (!) things as chocolate. (Or more a case of “Don’t cross Continue Reading →

Only a story.

A few nights ago (29th) you turned up in a dream I had. You came up behind me and stood close. I felt your energy. I started to startle as I realised who it was, partly in recognition. Partly in fear. But then I realised I had no need to fear any longer. So I stopped the startle. I felt as though you spoke. “Don’t go. Be?” An ask. So I stood in answer.  In recognition of what used to be there.  Of what things could have been like – had we been different people, that never were. Remembering the Continue Reading →

For you, my friend.

You’ve a bit of a mountain ahead of you. I don’t know what you’re feeling – I can’t even guess.  I only know what I’m feeling for you going through it. Tonight I wanted to phone, but we don’t normally phone.  All is either in text, messenger or in person.  So I texted. This I promise you.  I will be there, always.  So will you.  And there we will be.